• Are your Recruitment Consultants spending too much time on CV Searching? 
  • Do you want your consultant spend more time engaging with candidates on the phone getting more business and developing Client relationships? 
  • Looking for qualified talent pool?
  • Spending too much time on administrative tasks like Social Media Posting, Data Entry, Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Management? 
  • Need an ongoing Lead Generator? 
  • Looking to map out organizations? ‘Who’ is working ‘where’? Looking for new leads? 
  • Does your team members stuck to spend hours and hours on researching?


THE SOLUTION is ONE, resourcinHub

Talent Sourcing

LinkedIn Research
Lead Generation
Virtual Assistant

ALL Services in ONE Place

resourcinHub provides a unique range of Talent Sourcing, Pre-screening, LinkedIn Research as well as Lead Generation services designed to support and enhance your needs through all phases of management and growth. We provide top-notch services designed to support and enhance Human Capital management across diverse industries. At the heart of our approach is a genuine desire to provide an unparalleled service to exceed your expectations.

Customized & Negotiable Pricing Plan

WE, at resourcinHub, believe in delivering cost-optimization along with max productivity within lesser time period. WE offer customized Pricing Plans (Both Hourly & Fixed Price) according to your needs. Interested? Please check our plans below: